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Full of wonder, The Morning We Met acknowledges the patience of parents everywhere, the ways our babies travel to us, and the absolute magic of holding them in our arms for the very first time.


In this new book, renowned Canadian visual artist Emily Howard brings us on Baby’s fascinating passage through star-filled skies, over wide open fields and gliding coastlines.

Emily finds her inspiration in the quiet landscapes of her home province of Prince Edward Island, translating the shades that surround her onto canvas. Her notes of realism and abstraction invite the viewer into her world, creating an endless variety of connections along the way.



All images from this book are photographs of large scale, original acrylic paintings, with the addition of a digitally designed "golden trail."

Take a look inside!



Whatever your story of becoming a parent looks like, I hope this book touches your heart and rekindles the magic that was the first moment you met your babies. 

Thoughtfully imagined and designed, inside every copy of the “Artists’ Edition” of

The Morning We Met, the reader will discover two full-colour 8”x8” frameable prints of my large scale acrylic paintings that are featured in the story. I’ve also included a third, bonus full-colour 8”x8” print of the cover art with each purchase.

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The Morning We Met Text and illustrations copyright 2022 by Emily Howard. First published in 2022 by Pownal Street Press. Editing by Mo Duffy Cobb | Copyediting by Lori Mayne | Typesetting and prepress by Jordan Beaulieau | Author and artwork photography by Katherine Eye Design + Photography | Book design by Katherine Eye Design + Photography and Emily Howard | Jacket Illustrations by Emily Howard

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