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How Does It Make You Feel?

A micro documentary about the ocean and how it feels in our body and soul by Lucian Vasile & Emily Howard in collaboration with CBC

What is it about the ocean? It's no secret that the ocean is a place for healing and an instant reset for your soul, but what makes that happen? I have a creative process of walking the coastlines of PEI to find my inspiration. The North shore is a big part of my healing process and my creative muse. I create paintings to calm people. Trying to capture the feeling you get while being by the water. Allowing the feeling to dry into the paint.  The shore is where I find myself going for rest and recharge time and time again. I will always find new emotions waiting for me there to transfer onto canvas. A life time supply.

About Lucianfilm

Lucian Vasile, photographer, videographer, and visual artist, was born and raised in Romania. Originally with a theology background, he began experimenting with photography in his teens, leading him to have showings at local art galleries at 20.


Inspired by the surrealist photos of  Dave Hill, he began experimenting with photo editing and all kinds of mixed visual media, which also led him to videography. 


Lucian’s work is impactful, and sympathetic to its subject. He has a penchant for creating dramatic images which nevertheless speak to the heart. He has shot, filmed, and created content for many talented and wonderful people. He enjoys working in documentary style, and working with other creatives. 


He currently lives in PEI with his wife, three kids and pet bunny.


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