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About Me

My name is Emily Howard, and I am a visual artist from a tiny piece of paradise, Prince Edward Island, on the east coast of Canada.


I would describe my style as abstract/ Impressionism. All of my paintings are loosely tied to the magnificent colours and textures found all around this Island - at our beaches, across our shorelines, and in the flowers and fields. I find beauty and inspiration everywhere. I was raised here, and now I'm experiencing the gift of raising my own children here too.

My Process

The majority of the time, you can find me at my easel, I use primarily acrylic paint with accents of oil pastels, gold leaf and soil or sand from Prince Edward Island. I mainly use my palette knife while painting but utilize large and small brushes to blend and soften areas of a painting.


I start with a memory, remembering what that day was like - walking, breathing in the fresh air. Then I paint.

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