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What is it about this place?

     If you've ever been here, or if you live here, this question doesn't need answering. But I wanted to share this anyway for the wonderful friends and followers of my art who have yet to travel to and experience this magical dreamland, Abegweit, meaning, "cradled on the waves." 

     The ever evolving landscape of Prince Edward Island is a constant inspiration for my art. I have travelled to countries that have  spectacular views (arguably some of the most beautiful) but still, if I 

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could chose a "forever view" to feast on, it would be the open sky, rolling fields and windswept shorelines of PEI.
     Maybe it’s the salt air, the quilted fields or red cliffs; whatever it is, the Island possesses an energy that calms all who come to walk our beaches and our red dirt roads.
In My camera roll

In this photo gallery, I've included some of my favourite snaps from my own phone that I've taken all across PEI. Many of these are in fact from my own neighbourhood just outside the capital city. You can see that no matter the season, no matter the community, there is beauty and inspiration around every turn. I love to feature views and video clips like these daily on my Instagram account and I would invite you to follow me there for more of these calming moments in your newsfeed.

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